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Janus Pharmacy

Located on the campus of Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Janus Pharmacy provides medication management services for mental and behavioral health patients with a focus on continuum of care.

No matter which stage of the care cycle individual patients find themselves, Janus is their with real solutions to fulfill their needs. As a result, we offer services covering a full spectrum of care, specifically:

  • Residential: compliance packaging
  • Discharge: Medication management for patient discharge
  • Outpatient medicine: traditional pharmacy care with compliance focus
  • Injectable Clinic: service/administration clinic for long acting injectables

As one of just a few long term care pharmacies in Grand Rapids, Janus is uniquely qualified to assist with medication management for one particular reason. Janus Rx is located on the campus of Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Center. Every day we meet challenges endemic to mental health patients. Our pharmacy staff understands patient care demands because mental and behavioral health patients are not just another demographic we serve. Rather, they comprise the majority of our customer base.

It’s part of the Janus “Real People” commitment which is how we provide real solutions to meet your pharmacy needs. Ultimately, our efforts translates into real value for your mental health organization. So don’t hesitate, rather, contact us for a free consultation. Together, we can make an impact on patient care.

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