Compliance Packaging

Safe / Convenient / Easy to Use

Janus utilizes Dispill compliance packaging for medication management. Each multi-dose blister pack contains the following information:

  • Name of Medication
  • Patient Name
  • Day of the Week
  • Date
  • Time medicine should be taken
  • Medication Description/Identification
janus pharmacy custom delivery solutions

Customized Delivery Solutions

Pharmacy to Door Custom Delivery / Shipping

We offer two primary delivery options for our customers. First, we offer pharmacy to door delivery. Also, our staff customize this service to meet your needs. Medicine can be delivered when and where you want it. Just let our pharmacy staff know what suits your schedule best.

kalamazoo cycle fill medication

Cycle Fill Prescription Dispensing and Billing

Monthly or Bi-monthly Delivery

Cycle filling medication is convenient and efficient for staff and patients. Medicine arrives the same time every month. For individual patients, this reinforces continuum of care  through consistency. Confidence in pharmacy services are strengthened by process. In fact, this is one of the main reasons we cycle fill medications.

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Injection Clinic

Scheduling and Administration for Long Lasting Injectables

Janus is one of the premier long term care pharmacies offering on site injections. Patient injections are scheduled beforehand. Once they arrive, shots are administered by a licensed Janus pharmacist. Our injection clinic saves the hassle of scheduling a separate doctor’s visit and conserves staff time as well.

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Discharge Medication Services

Inpatient Filling and Discharge

Upon discharge, Janus can fill a 30 day supply of medicine for patients. Doing so allows the continuum of care model to remain stable and efficient. When prescriptions need to be refilled, patients my have Janus continue to fill their prescriptions as an outpatient if they desire. This promotes consistency and further reinforces the continuum of care model.

Grand Rapids prior authorization patient assistance program

Prior Authorization and PAP

Navigation and Guidance

In the instance where medicines require prior authorization, Janus has measures in place to ensure requests are handled promptly. In addition, we offer help with medicines which fall under the auspices of Patient Assistance Programs (PAP). Typically, we provide a designated on-site certified pharmacy technician to help in this capacity.